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A Checklist for When a Spouse or Parent Passes

当你失去配偶、伴侣或父母时,悲痛会势不可挡. In the midst of that grief, life goes on. There are arrangements to be made, 需要照顾的事情——并且要认识到这一现实, here is a checklist that you may find useful at such a time.

First, gather documents. Ask for help from other family members if you need it. Start by gathering the following.

  • A will, a trust, or other estate documents. 如果这些都不存在,你在处理这个人的财产时可能会面临更长的法律程序.
  • A Social Security card/number. 一般来说,这个人的社会安全号码在他死后不久就会退休. 如果你不确定,考虑向社会保障办公室查询.

Then, gather these additional highly important items.

  • Any account statements
  • Deeds/titles to real estate
  • Car titles or lease agreements
  • Storage space keys/account records
  • Any bills due or records of credit card statements
  • Any social media platform information, if applicable

最后,但并非最不重要的是,查找带有数字账户密码的电脑文件或打印件. Prior to their loved one’s passing, 一些家庭成员可能会试图集中所有这些信息或说明在哪里可以找到这些信息.

In addition, see if the person left a letter of instructions. A letter of instructions is not a legal document; it’s a letter that provides additional and more-personal information regarding an estate. It can be addressed to whomever you choose, but typically, letters of instructions are directed to the executor, family members, or beneficiaries.

Next, take care of some immediate needs. One, contact a funeral home to arrange a viewing, cremation, or burial, in accordance with the wishes of the deceased.

Two, call or email the county clerk or recorder to request 10 to 12 death certificates; a funeral home director can often help you with this matter. (Counties usually charge a small fee for each copy issued.) Ten to 12 copies may seem excessive, 但在与保险公司和各种博天堂AG旗舰机构合作时,你可能需要这么多钱.

Three, if the person was still working, 联系你爱人工作单位的人力博天堂AG旗舰主管,告诉他们发生了什么. 人力博天堂AG旗舰主管可能需要你填写一些与退休计划有关的文件, health benefits, and compensation for unused vacation time.

Four, 考虑找个律师谈谈——这个律师可以帮你的亲人制定遗嘱或遗产计划. Should your loved one die without a will, 你可能想联系律师,了解一下遗嘱认证程序是如何运作的,看看如果你的亲人有任何未偿还的债务,你会在何种程度上承担责任.

第五,决心跟踪你的亲人自动转帐的任何经常性债务. 考虑把每月的债务账单放在你的名下(或其他家庭成员或遗嘱执行人).

通知债权人和信用卡公司你爱人的信用记录的一部分. Creditors may want to know when existing debts will be paid, either by you or your loved one’s estate. You can also notify the “big three” credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion – of their passing, which can usually be done online, over the phone, or by letter.

遵循这些步骤,处理财务、保险和信贷问题. 投资和退休计划账户和保险政策应该有受益人, 所以,向那些帮助过你所爱的人的博天堂AG旗舰和保险专业人士以及监督他们工作场所退休计划的人寻求帮助. 与这些专业人士交谈,了解继承这些资产可能带来的税务影响.

你也需要为你所爱的人缴纳州税和联邦税, and possibly, other taxes for the year of their death.

Remember, 本文仅供参考,不能替代现实生活中的建议, so make sure to consult your tax, legal, 在修改你的任何税务或房地产策略之前和会计专业人士.

如果你爱的人拥有一个小生意或专业执业, 与业务伙伴(和客户)的讨论可能是必要的,同时也需要咨询业务顾问的律师.

Look after your future. 解决这些问题可能有助于结束你所爱的人的财产.

内容是发展的来源被认为是提供准确的信息. 本材料中的信息并非用于税务或法律咨询. 它不能用于避免任何联邦税收处罚的目的. 请向法律或税务专业人士咨询有关您个人情况的具体信息. 本材料是由FMG Suite开发和制作的,以提供关于可能感兴趣的主题的信息. FMG, LLC, is not affiliated with the named broker-dealer, state- or SEC-registered investment advisory firm. 所表达的意见和提供的材料是为一般信息, 而不应被视为招揽购买或出售任何证券. Copyright 2021 FMG Suite.

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